Pandora’s Wonderland: My Top Ten Favorite Book Boys EVER (Guest Post)

Hey everyone! Meredith from Pandora’s Books here. For those who don’t know, I’m doing a joint Blogoversary celebration with Kayla and Stacie from A Wonderland of Reading. The festivities started on May 26 (their one-year Blogoversary) and will end on June 24 (my one-year Blogoversary). We’ll be alternating days and providing fun guest posts from our fellow bloggers and author friends. You can visit A Wonderland of Reading to see the first post and learn more about the details and the grand prize giveaway!

So today, I have the AMAZING Jessica from Just a Book Lover here with an epically awesome guest post. Jessica is one of my oldest blogging friends. She’s epic, bookish and so, so sweet! I’m surprised she never got sick of me, with all the emails I sent her, asking silly blogging questions!! Seriously, I had NO clue what I was doing a year ago, so I just constantly emailed her and asked her for help and she was always awesome and patient with me! So, without further adieu, please welcome Jessica!


When Meredith asked me to supply a post for her blogoversary celebration, I did a happy dance. I like being asked to do things like this, and I also like Mer, so it was like a double whammy. Then I decided that I suck at guest posts. I never know what to write about and I’m bad at using words to talk about things and it’d surely be the most boring thing ever. So I decided I’d make a top ten post (after checking with Meredith first, of course).

If you know me, then you are probably aware of my obsession with book boys. I’m a huge fangirl and if a book boy can make me swoon, I am soooo down for whatever he’s selling. For this reason, I chose to make my top ten list one that I’ve been meaning to make for a while now:

My Top Ten Favorite Book Boys EVER

Before I actually make the list, though, I want to let you in on the one rule I made for myself, so as to spread the book boy love. Because I know there’s going to be a book boy or two missing from this list that y’all are probably expecting to see. Please know that the dude isn’t missing because I heart him any less, but that he’s probably absent because of this rule:

– One one boy per author. This is actually the most restricting rule of them all. Because some authors *cough*JLA*cough* have a whole slew of smexy guys I could fill this whole list with.

So yeah. Keep that in mind. ;)

My Top Ten Favorite Book Boys EVER 
10. Isaiah from Crash Into You by Katie McGarry
Katie McGarry writes some of my favorite contemporary romances, and her boys always make me swoon, big time. As of this moment, my favorite is Isaiah. Not sure what it was about him, exactly, but he won me over even more so than Noah. He’s so good, at his core, you know? But he tried to pretend otherwise, and I liked being able to see right through that. So apparently I do know what it was about him, exactly. Ha. And I love him for it. 


9. Dexter from This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen
Sarah Dessen is one of my all-time favorite authors. Not having one of her boys on this list would be a crime. So I chose Dexter. Because of lots of reasons. I loved his views on love and relationships, and I adored his goofiness. He was cute and funny, and he was in a band. That’s like hitting the jackpot, right there. Throw in his optimism and general quirkiness and goodness gracious, why can’t this boy be real?


8. Adrian from the Bloodlines series by Richelle Mead
Oh, Adrian. This is hard for me, because it’s such a close call on whether or not I like Dimitri more. It really depends on the series. But Adrian made me laugh. And I hated–HATED HATED HATED–how he got the short end of pretty much every stick in Vampire Academy. I just feel like my heart goes out to Adrian more, therefore I choose him. He’s so sweet and funny and he tries so hard. I want to cuddle that boy so bad, you don’t even know.


7. Ash from the Night World series by L.J. Smith
If I had to choose a favorite L.J. Smith boy, Ash would be it. He has my favorite name, he’s in my favorite of her books, and he was just my gosh darn FAVORITE. Of course there are several close calls. Gabriel from the Dark Visions trilogy, for one. And we can’t forget Nick from Secret Circle. And I don’t even need to mention Damon. Plus, all those other swoon-worthy males in the rest of the Night World series (GALEN! JOHN QUINN!). But Ash has always had my favor. I loved his attitude, and how he adjusted it for Mary-Lynnette. I can’t help but think to around the end of Daughters of Darkness where he calls her sweetheart. Don’t ask me why, but I think that was where he OFFICIALLY had me.


6. Dante Walker from the Dante Walker trilogy by Victoria Scott
I’m kind of thisclose to giving this spot to Guy Chambers for reasons, but not yet. I’m giving it to Dante for a little while longer. He deserves it. He’s kickass, and he can add a dash of humor into practically any situation. He has a sweet side, too. He’s kind of the perfect mixture of awesome, you know? It’s hard not to love him. So I don’t even try. ;)


5. Holder from Hopeless and Losing Hope by Colleen Hoover
Mr. Giggle-Swoon! This guy. Goodness. Let me tell you about this guy. He’s such a deep character, and I love him so gosh darn hard. I call him Mr. Giggle-Swoon because…well, he made me giggle-swoon. Yeah, that’s a thing. Don’t know what it is? Go read these books and you’ll know. Dean Holder holds a very special place in my heart, and I have this strong feeling that he’s never going to leave. 


4. Ezra from the Forever Evermore series by Scarlett Dawn
I have honestly and truly written love letters to this fictional character before. He has that much of a hold on me. He’s not super sweet and nice and whatever I may like about most other book boys. No, Ezra’s strong. He rough and protective and only shows his nice side to a very select group of his favorite people. I respect that and I love that. I love it so effing hard, y’all. I am seriously dying inside right now waiting on another dose of him in the next installment in this series. 


3. Avi from the How to Ruin series by Simone Elkeles
Whenever I tell anyone that he’s my favorite Simone Elkeles guy, they’re always shocked. Either because they haven’t read the books and they’re like “How can anything be better than the Perfect Chemistry books?” or they HAVE and they’re like “But what about that thing he did in the third book?” But what people don’t understand is that Avi is my ideal dude. He’s quiet, but opens up when with his significant other. He’s not shy about being honest with her when it gets down to it. He’s all about honor and respect. And YES. He made one mistake. But if there were ever a guy that I honestly trust to not make a repeat of that mess up, it’s Avi. And he never ever lies about that mistake. He owns up to it and genuinely tries to work through it. So yeah, he’s my ideal guy. And his place on this list is pretty much permanent. 


2. Levi from Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell
I know, I know. HOW is this boy only in second place? The answer: I have no idea. When I went to make this list, the #1 boy kind of already occupied that spot in my mind, and I’d ask him to leave, but…I mean, have you SEEN him? Goodness. But let’s talk about Levi. Avi is my ideal guy. In another way, so is Levi. So they’re kind of tied, but I gave them numbers because I had to. I am absolutely distraught that these boys aren’t real. Why can’t Levi be an actual human being who brings me Starbucks and gets me up to his room and listens to me read to him? Levi is the perfect person to opposite a fangirl. I fell for him so easily while reading this book, and there’s no way I’m forgetting about him anywhere near sometime soon.


1. Daemon Black from the Lux series by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Not a single one of you is surprised, so don’t even pretend. Daemon Black…I’ve been kind of obsessed with him for a good long while now. Like, since before I even read any of the books in this series. But now we’re four books in and I am completely head over heels for him. It’s different than I am with Avi and Levi, whereas I don’t want to cry at the thought that he’s not real (though is Daemon were real, the world would be such a majestically wonderful place). I just enjoy reading about him so, SO much. I laugh and I swoon and I never get bored when he’s around. Even in the first book before he started being actually NICE. He’s always been a good time to be around, and I adore him.


But I adore all the boys on this list. The top three or four probably shouldn’t be numbered, since my love for them is pretty much equal. But that’s my list! Because book boys are my favorite ;)


Do you heart any of the book boys I listed? Are there any book boys you would have put on your list that aren’t on mine? Seriously let me know. I’m always up for talking about swoon-worthy guys. For real. ALWAYS. 

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