Welcome to Pandora’s Books

Update, July 20, 2013: Since writing my original welcome, I have switched from Blogger to WordPress. I want to thank Shannon and Ashley for all their help and hard work. Without them, I don’t know if I would have made the switch. I might have, but it would have taken a long time, and it would have been very, very painful. So thank you guys, so much!

Next, I want to thank Nikki, who helped me get my start on Blogger. Without her encouragement, I probably wouldn’t have started blogging in the first place. Or, maybe I would have, but the process would have been much, much slower and (again) very painful. She did the initial design of my Blogger blog, which I loved so much; I’m so sad I couldn’t bring it over to WordPress. Maybe one day, I will. She also designed my gorgeous blog button, which is also the header for WordPress. Finally, she acted as my mentor, helping guide me through the sticky world of blogger. Without her help and encouragement, this blog wouldn’t exist.

With that said, any amateur mistakes are my own! There will definitely be a learning curve – more so now that I’m on WordPress, so please be patient with me! I’ll do the best I can to bring you awesome reviews, fun content, and – eventually – giveaways and author interviews.

So I think that’s all I have to say for now. I promise I’m going to work really hard to get content up quickly! Thanks for your patience and support!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Pandora’s Books

  1. Ohhhhhhh YAY for the WordPress switch. Right now I’m using the free hosting through WordPress.com, but I’m looking to switch to self-hosting next month so I’ve got to do some research on that since I have no idea how to go about it.

    Also love love love the design!

    • I’m hosting through Shannon @ Twilight Sleep. I highly recommend it! :)

      Thanks! The design is part of Ashley @ Nose Graze’s Tweak Me theme. I love it so much!! It makes so many things easier! That and her Ultimate Book Blogger plugin!

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