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Television Tuesday

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Hey everyone! Today, I’m going to be reviewing Fuller House season two!

Spoiler Warning!!! I couldn’t do a full review without sharing ALL my thoughts and feels and that means spoilers! So if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read on (unless you don’t mind being spoiled)!!

If you want to read my review of season one as a refresher, you can check that out here.

Final spoiler warning!!! Okay, review time!


I’m going to break my review down into Atmosphere, Cast, Pet Peeves and Favorite Scenes, and Overall Thoughts.

All I really have to say here is, I still can’t get over the inconsistencies in the house. I know I harped on this last time, but I just can’t.

As I did last time, I’m going to break this down by actor/actress. In some cases, I’ll be talking more about the character than the actor/actress (or vice versa). It’s just easier! So:

Candace Cameron Bure: Candace Cameron still can’t act. I know I said it last time, but she just seems really uncomfortable with some of the things she has to say and do. That habit she has of raising her voice at the end of a sentence, like she’s asking a question, even when she isn’t? Still happening and still annoying. Her Danny-isms were even more obvious in season two and it was almost out of hand, like they were trying to make it as obvious as possible that she had turned out like him. I think we got the picture – they can tone it down now. I did like DJ’s overall storyline this season, though, and I felt sooo bad for her near the end, with the whole Steve/Matt thing. I will say, at times, her comedic timing was brilliant and she had some great lines! Example, said to Kimmy: “My son’s best friend is a pain in the butt… Oohhh, now I know how my dad felt about you.”

Jodie Sweetin: Jodi’s acting is the best so far, in my opinion. But I’m a bit biased because, as I’ve mentioned, Stephanie has always been my favorite. I’m really happy she found love this season, but I was really thrown by WHO she found love with. He just didn’t seem her type.. However, he made her happy and I’m very excited to see where their relationship goes in season three! Also, I looooved when she sang! She’s got a great voice!

Andrea Barber: Once again, Andrea Barber was hilarious and on point as Kimmy. Her acting hasn’t really improved much since season one, but she completely embodies her character.

Scott Weinger: I don’t have much to say about Steve. I didn’t like him in season one and I don’t like him now. He and DJ just don’t belong together anymore. I loved them together in the original show, but they’ve just outgrown each other. And that “revenge girlfriend” thing he pulled was atrocious.

John Brotherton: Still love Matt! He’s got great comedic timing, he and DJ have great chemistry, and he’s hilarious! “I can’t feel a thing below my waist and that worries me.”

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Fernando was, once again, hilarious and perfect. His acting and comedic timing were brilliant. I loved his chemistry with Kimmy and I LOVED LOVED LOVED their couple costume for Halloween!!!! It was perfection. Also, his butting heads with Max was HILARIOUS and was the only redeeming thing for Max, who I otherwise couldn’t stand (see below).

The New Kids:
–Ramona (Soni Bringas): I still liked Ramona a lot. I love that she and Jackson, for the most part, get along. They’re like partners in crime! I love their scheming.
–Jackson (Michael Campion): Some of my favorite moments were the DJ and Jackson moments. They were sweet and cheesy and a bit touching. Also, for some inexplicable reason, they made me cry, or at least WANT to cry. I have no idea why, but there you go. Also, the kid who played Jackson’s best friend (Popco?) is hilarious. He was a real smooth-talker, exactly as I imagine Uncle Jesse was at his age.
–Max (Elias Harger): Max is now my least favorite person for that corn cob incident. I’ve had a dog nearly die from swallowing a corn cob. So I’m just done. Maybe that’s not fair because he’s a kid and he should have been taught that corn cobs are bad for dogs, maybe the fault lies with DJ. But that’s just how I feel. I wasn’t really crazy about him to begin with, so this just furthered those feelings. Also, can he please stop screaming and growling his lines! So obnoxious!!!

The Original Cast Adults: The original cast was… Just okay. Once again, their scenes felt awkward and out of place, like they were trying desperately to make them relevant. And since when does Joey have kids?!?! Was that mentioned in season one and I just forgot? Because what the heck?!?! And why were they so bratty?!?!?! And Joey, in general, once again felt like he was just there because fans would riot if they didn’t bring back all the original actors.

Pet Peeves and Favorite Scenes:
Pet Peeves:
**Biggest Pet Peeve this season: What was with the “Dumb as dirt for comedic effect” trope? So many of the characters suffered from it, like Jimmy and – to a certain extent – Fernando and Kimmy. It was almost insulting how overused it was. It wasn’t this bad in season one and I REALLY hope they tone this down in season three!

**Overall, the show was still campy and cheesy. Possibly campier and cheesier than season one. Probably because of the “Dumb as Dirt” trope (above).

**Some of the lines and punch lines were delivered WAY too fast. And the sudden entrances were almost TOO convenient. It adds to the cheesiness.

**The swearing with antacids “holy mylanta” thing is getting REALLY old REALLY fast. It’s totally fine if an actor doesn’t want to swear, but it sounds ridiculous and is WAY overused.

Favorite Scenes:
**The flashbacks to DJ’s, Stephanie’s and Kimmy’s first kisses packed a punch of nostalgia. So did Steph talking about her “three dads” in the wedding crasher scene.

**DJ and Kimmy’s high school reunion was also packed with nostalgia and perfectly on point!

**Gia and Girl Talk! I know Gia was a horrible influence on Stephanie, and also a horrible bully. But I love Marla Sokoloff and I love her character. And we’ve established that I love when Stephanie sings, so I loved Girl Talk being back together, brief as it was.

**The Dwayne cameo is EPIC, for so many reasons. Also Viper and Nelson, but I wish Jason Marsden had reprised his role as Nelson. I know he chose not to return, but it still sucked.

**Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky naming their adopted baby after Pam made me sob so hard… I can’t even.

Overall Thoughts:
Though still packed with cheesiness, the amount of nostalgia you’ll feel will win you over. If you were a fan of season one, I think you’ll love season two. If you didn’t enjoy season one… Maybe put this one on the back-burner for a bit. As far as the future of this show, it was recently announced that there would be a season three and I absolutely can’t wait! What can I say? Full House was a HUGE part of my childhood and I absolutely love this revival, cheeseball moments and all!


So, what are your thoughts on Fuller House? Did you like it? love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you weren’t a fan, try to keep it civil, please!

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