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Television Tuesday

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Hey everyone! For today’s Television Tuesday, I’m going to be reviewing Fuller House season one! Spoiler Warning!!! I couldn’t do a full review without sharing ALL my feels and that means spoilers! So if you haven’t watched it yet, don’t read on!!


Final Spoiler Warning… Okay, review time!

I decided to break my review down into Atmosphere, Cast, Cheeseball Vs. Nostalgia and Overall Thoughts.

Starting from the very beginning: I LOVED the opening credits and the way they threw back to the original! It gave me SO MANY FEELS!!! And I know some people are torn about Carly Rae Jepsen singing the theme song, but I actually really liked it – she did a brilliant job, making it feel fresh but also keeping the feel of the original.

Now, onto my biggest pet peeve: The house. As a super fan of the original show, some of the house inconsistencies drove me crazy. Like in the attic, the room they kept saying used to belong to Nicky and Alex was actually the closet in the original show! In Full House, the twins’ room was located by the stairs, next to the bathroom. How did they not catch that MAJOR inconsistency?!?! And the room that was Stephanie and DJ’s? I’m almost positive it was bigger in the original, whereas the room that used to be Jesse’s seemed to be bigger than it originally was. Things like that had me like


I’m going to break this down by actor/actress. In some cases, I’ll be talking more about the character than the actor/actress (or vice versa). It’s just easier! So:

Candace Cameron Bure: Oh, DJ… I liked DJ in the original and I always thought Candace Cameron was the best actress of the three kids. But she always had a habit of raising her voice at the end of a sentence, like she was asking a question. And that was even more painfully obvious now that she’s an adult and it really got annoying after awhile. Honestly, her acting was pretty atrocious, which surprised me – again, I liked her when she was younger and she wasn’t a bad actress then! So.. what happened?!? Her acting was awkward and forced. It was almost like she didn’t want to be saying or doing certain things, like she was uncomfortable. Overall, I did like DJ’s storyline. It was hilarious how she was so Danny-like in her behavior and I loved that she became a vet – though NOTHING from the original show EVER hinted at her wanting to be a vet. So that felt like it was out of nowhere.

Jodie Sweetin: Stephanie has always been my favorite of the daughters and I love the way her story has gone. She’s like the new Uncle Jesse – carefree until she realizes how much she loves being an aunt. It just felt very fitting for her. There was one thing she told DJ that made me cry; I felt SO bad for her. Sweetin’s acting was pretty good – not amazing, but slightly improved from when she was a kid.

Andrea Barber: Andrea Barber was hilarious and on point as Kimmy. Her acting wasn’t necessarily the best, but it was like she’d never stopped playing Kimmy – like no time had passed. Plus, Kimmy was always a cheeseball character, so the cheesiness of the show (I’ll get to that soon) was least noticeable with her.

Scott Weinger: Steve was terrible. I loved him and DJ together in the original. But he was pushy, needy and stuck in his high school glory days. Weinger’s acting wasn’t terrible, all things considered. Like with Andrea Barber and Kimmy, it was like no time had passed since he was last on set as Steve.

John Brotherton: Brotherton was epic as Matt!! He was hot, a dog lover, and perfect for DJ. I could feel the chemistry and sexual tension! They worked so well together and they really bounced off each other (um.. is that the right phrase??) in their scenes. Brotherton was hilarious and had GREAT line delivery and comedic timing.

Juan Pablo Di Pace: Fernando – the actor and the character – was hilarious and I loved him and Kimmy and their chemistry. His acting and comedic timing was perfect. He was like the Fez of the show, but hotter!

The New Kids: Ramona (Soni Bringas) was great and I loved her and Jackson (Michael Campion) and their scheming. Max (Elias Harger) was kind of annoying (what is it with little kid actors and SCREAMING their lines???) but he had great comedic timing.

The Original Cast Adults: The original cast was… Just okay. Ever since I saw Bob Saget’s comedy routine, I can’t get it out of my head. So now I see him as Danny and he gives me the creepy vibe… Plus, why does he look shorter…? And why is his voice so weird? Joey (Dave Coulier) was okay but it felt like his whole role was forced, like there was no point to his return. He didn’t do much except appease the fans (because, if the WHOLE original trio hadn’t returned, I think fans would have been upset). John Stamos was epic – Uncle Jesse’s still got it! But there was something.. Off?… About Lori Loughlin a Becky. Her character was SO baby obsessed, which was cute at first, then became creepy and annoying. And her acting made it seem like she didn’t even want to be there to begin with..

I know I’m probably missing a few cast members in there (like Nicky and Alex, who were hilarious, but barely in the show, so don’t require much comment) and Danny’s new wife (random, much?). But I basically just wanted to cover the original and main cast members.

Cheeseball Versus Nostalgia:
Overall, this was not an amazing, incredible, epic show. The original did a lot of things WAY better. There were a LOT of cheeseball moments between certain lines and certain plots. However, there was also a TON of nostalgia, between references to the original show and general 90s references. The nostalgia – for me – more than made up for the cheeseball stuff. And, really, as awesome as the original Full House was, it was still filled with a LOT of cornball jokes/scenes/plots and cheesy/sappy moments. So if you’re a fan of the original, you won’t care that much of Fuller House is cheeseball. And you’ll DEFINITELY appreciate the nostalgia!

If you were a fan of Full House, prepare for major nostalgia feels with Fuller House! If you weren’t.. You might not enjoy it as much or catch all the references. But in my opinion, this DEFINITELY deserves a season 2 (and, from what I last heard, it WAS renewed for a second season!!)! There are so many questions I want answered!!! And I’m REALLY excited to see where the show goes next!

This next section is just a quick list of some of my favorite moments – whether because they were hilarious or because they were nostalia-inducing. Some of these are MAJOR spoilers, though, so I HIGHLY encourage you to NOT READ the next section if you haven’t watched the show!!!

Stephanie singing and dancing: I always thought Jodie Sweetin was a great dancer, even when she was a kid, but I never realized she was a great singer, too! I know some people HATED the seemingly random song-and-dance moments, but I loved them.

Matt/Steve kiss: This moment was BEYOND hilarious! The actors NAILED it!

Stephanie/Kimmy kiss: Again, BEYOND hilarious! This whole scene was hilarious, but the kiss had me lmao!

The sly references to Michelle and the breaking down of the “fourth wall.”: A lot of people were annoyed by this, but I thought it was hilarious. It was like they were making fun of themselves and acknowledging that certain things were being done purposely or for the sake of logic (this is especially true for the Michelle stuff).

The parallels/references to the original: Nostalgia galore! Need I say more??


So, what are your thoughts on Fuller House? Did you like it? love it? Hate it? Share your thoughts in the comments below! If you weren’t a fan, try to keep it civil, please!

2 thoughts on “Television Tuesday: Fuller House Season One Review

  1. I’m so glad someone reviewed Fuller House. I am starting to like the show more and more. Yes it’s cheesey, kind of awkward and the kids and adults have different acting styles, but I find it delightful.

    Good catch about the attic !

    • Aww, I’m glad you enjoyed the review! It was fun to write something non-bookish for once. At its core, the show is VERY delightful! And thank you – that attic inconsistency drives me crazy!

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