Author Spotlight: The Secrets of Attraction by Robin Constantine (Excerpt)

Hey everyone! I’m so, so excited to share with you an excerpt from Robin Constantine’s upcoming release, The Secrets of Attraction (April 28th 2015 by Balzer + Bray). First, here’s more information about the book:

Set in the same world as The Promise of Amazing, this smart, surprising, and romantic follow-up to Robin Constantine’s debut novel follows two New Jersey teens as they become friends and fall in love. Perfect for fans of Stephanie Perkins, Sarah Mlynowski, and Jennifer E. Smith.

Madison Pryce thinks she’s got everything figured out—she’s working on a portfolio for a summer art program and hanging with her friends. Plus she has her hot boyfriend, Zach. But then a visit from a family friend turns Maddie’s life upside down.

Jesse McMann is still reeling from a breakup that shattered his heart and his band. Then pride (and some goading from his bass player and fellow barista) forces him to find a new drummer—and the inspiration to write music again.

Kismet arrives in the unlikely form of Grayson Barrett, who tries out for Jesse’s band, and whose girlfriend is BFFs with the cute girl who orders a chai latte after yoga every Thursday: Maddie. What Jesse and Maddie thought they knew about the secrets of attraction and the rules of romance changes once they start falling for each other.


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And now here’s the excerpt! Enjoy!

The only light in the room came from the dimly lit hallway. I pushed myself up to standing and brushed myself off before shutting the window. Desks were arranged in a semi-circle – and on the chalkboard – they still had chalkboards here? – was the quote “To be or not to be, that is the question.” Ha. Well played, universe.

When I opened my messages to IM Tanner, I already had two from him.

I’m in.

Side door to caf open.

For fucking real? I laughed. I felt stupid. Reckless. Alive.

I opened the door. The sound of the band – Kenny Ashe’s muffled voice screaming out a song I couldn’t decipher – echoed through the empty corridor. Farther down the hall, people milled around in front of two open doors. Cafeteria, maybe? I hugged the wall as I moved toward the action. As I got closer, I noticed a leggy silhouette turn the corner at the end of the hallway. The girl from the door. My heart shot into my throat. No fucking way was I getting kicked out after this. I ducked into the cafeteria, crouching a bit to get lost in a throng of kids who stood near the door.

I worked my way over to a vending machine and studied it as if my life depended on finding a healthy snack. In the reflection of the glass I could see that I was unnoticed, at least for the moment. I peered over my shoulder, scanning the room for Tanner. My eyes landed on a familiar looking girl in a black dress standing behind a long table covered in water bottles and several trays of cupcakes. Where did I know her from?


Someone tugged my jacket. I flinched and turned toward the voice.

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robin_about_smallAbout Robin:
Robin Constantine is a born-and-raised Jersey girl who moved south so she could wear flip-flops year-round. She spends her days dreaming up stories where love conquers all, eventually, but not without a lot of peril, angst, and the occasional kissing scene.

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