Review: Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Archenemies by Marissa MeyerArchenemies by Marissa Meyer
Series: Renegades #2
Published by Feiwel & Friends on November 6, 2018
Pages: 471
Format: ARC
Source: the publisher
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Time is running out. Together, they can save the world. But are they each other's worst nightmare?

Nova's double life is about to get a lot more complicated:

As Insomnia, she is a full-fledged member of the Renegades, a syndicate of powerful and beloved superheroes. She works with Adrian's patrol unit to protect the weak and maintain order in Gatlon City.

As Nightmare, she is an Anarchist—a group of villains who are determined to destroy the Renegades. Nova wants vengeance against the so-called heroes who once failed her when she needed them the most.

But as Nova, her feelings for Adrian are deepening, despite the fact that he is the son of her sworn enemies and, unbeknownst to Nova, he has some dangerous secrets of his own.

In this second installment of the Renegades trilogy, Nova, Adrian, and the rest of their crew—Ruby, Oscar, and Danna—are faced with escalating crime in Gatlon City, while covert weapons and conflicting missions have Nova and Adrian questioning not only their beliefs about justice but also the feelings they have for each other.

The line between good and evil has been blurred, but what's clear to them both is that too much power could mean the end of their City—and the world—as they know it.

I don’t think there are words adequate enough to describe my love for this series. After reading this book, I can say with 100% certainty that this is my favorite Marissa Meyer series – which, for those who know me and know how much I LOVE fairy tale retellings, you know that’s saying a LOT because I really loved The Lunar Chronicles. But the Renegades series is just absolute gold. The characters are some of my favorite characters ever. The plot is intriguing and exciting. And I’m BEYOND excited that there’s a third book because two definitely would NOT have been enough.

Nova is, without a doubt, my favorite book villain ever. She’s spunky and fierce and I love everything about her. Like I mentioned in my review of Renegades, when I picture Nova in my head, I picture Mal from the Descendants movie, purple hair and all. I love everything about Nightmare – her powers, her background – even just the name Nightmare and the feelings it evokes.

Adrian was awesome, once again. Adrian’s secret is on the cusp of unraveling and I’m getting anxious for certain people to find out. I love him and Nova so much, I’m terrified for when the truth – about both of them – is revealed because I NEED them to be endgame.

Now I have to be vague because spoilers BUT… Some absolutely incredible/terrifying/shocking/holy crap things happened in this book, and the majority of them kept me on the edge of my seat. And some of the things that DIDN’T happen frustrated me – but in a good way!! There were a couple things that I was positive would happen in this book, but I guess Marissa Meyer is saving them for the finale. I guess that just means book three is going to give me a freaking heart attack!!!!! AND THE WAIT FOR BOOK THREE IS WAYYYYY TOOOO LONGGGG!!!!!!

I don’t really know what else to say. This review doesn’t do this book justice AT ALL. But to be honest, I was enjoying it so much, I sorta forgot to take better review notes – I was just too captivated and enthralled by the story to stop to make note of things as I read them. So all I can say is READ THIS BOOK – THIS SERIES – ASAP BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING AND WILL MESS WITH YOU IN THE BEST WAY!

*Clears Throat.*

I mean, I don’t think I even need to say how much I recommend this book – i would hope it’s obvious. But, just in case it’s not, I seriously highly recommend this book. If you’ve read Marissa Meyer’s other books, you’ll love it! And if you haven’t read anything by her, I recommend picking this series up first! Also, if you’re a fan of superheroes and villains, this one is definitely for you!


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