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Hey everyone! Today, I have an awesome excerpt to share with you from Danielle Rollins’ Breaking (June 6, 2017, Bloomsbury USA Childrens). This book looks epic!!!! Check out the synopsis and buy links:

Prep school gets a twist of supernatural suspense in this commercial YA thriller.

Charlotte has always been content in the shadow of her two best friends at the prestigious Underhill Preparatory Institute. Ariel is daring and mysterious. Devon is beautiful and brilliant. Although Charlotte never lived up to the standards of the school—or her demanding mother—her two best friends became the family she never had. When Ariel and Devon suddenly commit suicide within a month of each other, Charlotte refuses to accept it as a coincidence. But as the clues point to a dangerous secret about Underhill Prep, Charlotte is suddenly in over her head. There’s a reason the students of Underhill are so exceptional, and the people responsible are willing to kill to protect the truth…

Suspenseful and scintillating, with hints of the supernatural, this fast-paced thriller will keep readers hooked.

(This is a companion novel to Burning)

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And now here’s the excerpt!

“No.” I stop walking. My hands go to my chest and I press them there, flat.

Zoe turns. “Are you okay?”

I nod, but my voice cracks, betraying me. “Is it Devon?”

Devon, my second-best friend since we were sophomores, which feels like forever and ever ago instead of eighteen months. Or first-best friend now, I guess, with Ariel gone. Devon disappeared two days ago, but everyone, even her teachers, thought she hitchhiked into the city to go dancing or see a concert. It wouldn’t be the first time, or even the fifth time. We were never worried—just pissed she didn’t invite us.

Zoe hesitates. “I don’t know,” she says carefully. “I just heard that the cops were here. They found . . . something.”

She pushes through the trees. I walk slower, aware of the wet on the leaves beneath my feet, the wind on the back of my neck. I hear Ariel’s voice in my ear, but it’s a memory of a voice, not a real one.

Why are you so surprised?

The trees open onto a clearing. Police tape weaves between the branches, a shocking spot of fluorescent in the middle of all the black and gray and brown. I see faces, but most of the girls don’t creep close enough to be recognized. Dean Rosenthal kneels in the dirt, and her assistant, Mr. Coolidge, stands behind her. He has one hand pressed to his mouth. The emotion on his face is raw in a way that makes me blush and avert my eyes. I feel like I’ve just seen him in his underwear.

Their bodies form a barricade, blocking my view of what they’re staring at. I hesitate behind Zoe, but just for a moment.

“Charlotte,” Zoe says, but I’m already moving closer, ducking below the police tape. She grabs my wrist, her tiny hand surprisingly strong. I shake her off. An arm lies across the leaves. Brown skin and long, tapered fingers with bright red nails. The last time I saw those hands, they were wrapped around a tumbler of whiskey in her daddy’s office.

Now Devon holds a syringe. Her knees are bent, like she’d crumpled to the ground after it happened.

Doesn’t she look perfect? I imagine Ariel saying. I nod, because wouldn’t it be just like Ariel to say something so horrible? But she’s right. There are no marks on Devon’s body. No blood.

“Like she’s sleeping,” I whisper. I close my eyes and wrap my arms around my chest. Devon isn’t lying here in the dirt. Devon is dancing at a party in the city. Devon is drinking martinis and flirting with a thirty-year-old businessman who hasn’t guessed yet that she’s only eighteen. Devon is wearing a ridiculous dress that shows off too much skin and that she bought with her mother’s stolen credit card. She’s not here.


And now for the giveaway! 3 winners will receive a finished copy of BREAKING, US Only. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below.

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About the Author:
Author of the best-selling MERCILESS series, SURVIVE THE NIGHT, BURNING, and BREAKING. I’m currently working on the last installment of the Merciless books, & starting a new series to be announced later this year.

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