Review: Circle of Jinn by Lori Goldstein

I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Review: Circle of Jinn by Lori GoldsteinCircle of Jinn by Lori Goldstein
Series: Becoming Jinn #2
Published by Feiwel & Friends on May 17, 2016
Pages: 400
Format: ARC
Source: the publisher
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Being Jinn is Azra’s new reality. As she grants wishes under the watchful eye of the Afrit council, she remains torn between her two worlds—human and Jinn. Soon, secrets spill. Zars are broken. Humans become pawns. And rumors of an uprising become real as the Afrit’s reach extends beyond the underground world of Janna.

Straddling the line becomes impossible. Aware of her unique abilities, Azra must not just face but embrace her destiny. But when the role she must play and those she must protect expand to include a circle of Jinn greater than her own, Azra will be forced to risk everything. A risk that means there’s everything to lose, and at the same time, everything to gain—for herself and her entire Jinn race.

In this dramatic sequel to Becoming Jinn, Azra’s story comes to a heartfelt and thrilling conclusion.

I finished this book over a month ago and I still haven’t been able to review it. I really enjoyed it, so I’m not sure why except that I’ve been in a bit of a blogging slump this year. Better late than never though, right? Still, its been awhile since I read this, so I’m a little fuzzy on the book’s details, but I remember enough to give you guys a general sense of the story. I’ll also keep this short and sweet, so I don’t ramble!

I truly enjoyed this book. I’m sad it’s the conclusion, as I was under the impression this was a trilogy, but I think Lori Goldstein did a wonderful job of wrapping things up. She also did a great job recounting what happened in book one while avoiding info-dumps. I didn’t feel totally lost, which was awesome (I’m sure it also helps that I read book one pretty recently!).

I loved the character growth in this book. Azra has definitely come a long way since book one when she didn’t even WANT to be a Jinn. She really embraced who she is and her destiny and I really liked the way her story ended. Yasmin, too, has grown a lot since the first book. I also loved the new characters we were introduced to – mainly Zak and Matin. I loved who they were, their backstories and their personalities. Matin, especially, was hilarious! I’m still not sure how I feel about the Henry and Nate situation… I love both guys, so it’s hard to decide if I’m happy with the way things went or not.

This book was intense with a lot of twists, turns and revelations. The ending was insane and epic! I don’t think it could have ended any other way! I couldn’t read this book fast enough and I didn’t want to put it down! Though I’m sad the series has come to an end, I’m so glad I read it – I loved it and I’m really satisfied with the way it ended and the way everything wrapped up for each character. I also adore Lori and can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!


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