Once Upon a Time: 2016 Backlist Feature Roundup

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Hey guys! As you may know, I recently launched my new feature, Once Upon a Time. If you didn’t get a chance to check out the intro post, you can read it here! To sum it up: Once Upon a Time is a backlist feature that not only helps me showcase some really amazing authors and their backlist titles, but also allows me to share with you some of the books that I read when I was younger and that are still favorites now. These are the books that shaped me as a reader and made me feel less alone as a teen.

Today, I want to take a moment to highlight some other epic backlist features happening this year – because it seems that 2016 is the Year of the Backlist Love! Which makes me REALLY happy! Below, you’ll have links to all the backlist features I’m aware of, the blogger/bloggers hosting and a small paragraph, describing what the feature is. Enjoy!


BulletPoint Forgotten Fridays is hosted by Kara and Lyn at Great Imaginations! Forgotten Fridays highlights books that are over a year old. Kara and Lyn pick a book, read it and then discuss it.
BulletPoint Book Avengers is hosted by Kristina from Gone Pecan and Sarah from What Sarah Read. Their tagline? “A Mission to Save Your Backlist.” Sounds epic right?!? The way it works: Kristina and Sarah read one backlist book per month and each post a review for that book on the third Monday of each month.
BulletPoint The Backlist Books Reading Challenge is hosted by Bekka and Alexia at Pretty Deadly Reviews. This is a reading challenge that encourages you to read backlist books that were published at least a year ago. In addition to reading these books, the challenge encourages you to review the books you read. You can then enter to win giveaways!
BulletPoint On My Shelf is hosted by Teresa at Readers Live a Thousand Lives. With this feature, Teresa picks a random backlist title that’s on her TBR and highlights it, explaining why she wants to read it and asking others if they’ve read it, etc. The goal is to help her decide which books need to be bumped up her TBR while potentially introducing these backlist titles to new readers.
BulletPoint Flashback Reading is hosted by Julie and Lanna at Bloggers Heart Books. Not only does this feature highlight backlist books, but each post also includes a fun author interview and/or guest post from the author of the highlighted title! The feature focuses mainly on pre-2015 releases.
BulletPoint Rummaging Through the Archives is hosted by Kristen at The Blissful Bookworm. With this backlist feature, Kristen reads and reviews backlist titles!
BulletPointReading Rewind is hosted by Stacee at Adventures of a Book Junkie and Katie at Shelfishly Addicted. With the Reading Rewind, Stacee and Katie will each pick one “old favorite” book per month (sometimes the same book, sometimes not) that they loved when they originally read it. They’ll re-read that book and answer some questions regarding when they first read it and how they feel about it now.


So there you have it! There are SO MANY AMAZING backlist features this year! I hope you found this roundup helpful! I don’t know if your wallets will agree…

Bloggers! If I featured you above, please let me know if any of your info is incorrect or if I did a horrible job explaining your feature and you want it re-worded!!

ALSO… If you’re a blogger and you’re hosting some kind of backlist feature and wish to be added to the above roundup, please leave a link to your feature in the comments!

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