Pandora’s Wonderland: Why Dating is More Fun in the Future (Guest Post + Giveaway)

Hey everyone! Meredith from Pandora’s Books here. For those who don’t know, I’m doing a joint Blogoversary celebration with Kayla and Stacie from A Wonderland of Reading. The festivities started on May 26 (their one-year Blogoversary) and will end on June 24 (my one-year Blogoversary). We’ll be alternating days and providing fun guest posts from our fellow bloggers and author friends. You can visit A Wonderland of Reading to see the first post and learn more about the details and the grand prize giveaway!

So today, I have the AMAZING Jamie Grey, YA author of Ultraviolet Catastrophe and The Star Thief, here with an epically awesome guest post. I absolutely adore Jamie! Thanks to Dahlia Adler, I had the honor of interviewing Jamie and reading Ultraviolet Catastrophe before it released. I fell in love with Jamie’s unique plot and realistic characters. I highly recommend her books to everyone and anyone! So, without further adieu, please welcome Jamie!


I think most of us have been there: You’ve been on 23 dates this year and you still can’t find a good guy (or girl) to settle down with. Or, you’re on yet another awkward first date, trapped in a restaurant with yet another person you know isn’t a good match. Or, even worse, a few dates in and you can’t think of a damn thing to do with that person and you end up staring at each other, bored out of your minds.

Well, have no fear, in the future, those problems will be gone and romance will be a breeze! (Or so we hope.)

Getting tired of the same old guys you’ve been meeting? The ones with crappy jobs, or the ones who don’t seem to realize how awesome you are? In the future, you can find your dates cross species! That REALLY opens up the dating prospects. Hate the way that human guy’s been treating you? Try a Martian. Or an Ileth. Or those hot Klingons across the star system. I hear they’re pretty good in bed.

What happens if you just don’t click with that hunky guy from the planet Antivia Nine and he won’t stop calling? “I’m busy on another planet” is a totally legitimate excuse to turn down a date. Nothing like a few million light years between you to get the point across.

Or how about that sixth date slog? You’re totally into Mr. Perfect Alien, but you’re bored with sitting around watching holo-vid movies? Hop a starship for a date in Saturn’s Rings. Who wouldn’t find dining in an asteroid belt romantic? Or try the newest dish from the recently-discovered planet in the next galaxy. I hear it’s an aphrodisiac.

Finally ready to take that next step in your relationship? How about flowers from a distant planet to set the scene, and light from the actual stars to make the room glow? And once the details are right, turn off the gravity dampeners and float. Making love in zero-gravity is definitely something new and different! Talk about a date to remember!

In the future, the romantic possibilities are endless!

Thanks to Jamie, we have an epic prize to give away! One INTERNATIONAL winner will receive an eBook of Jamie’s NA novel, The Star Thief! This book was crazy good, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on entering this giveaway!!

So, the rules:

-Giveaway is INT

-Winner has 48 hours to respond. If winner does not respond, a new winner will be selected.

-You must be 13 or older to enter OR have your parents’ permission.

-I am not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.

-I reserve the right to change any rules as I see fit for each individual giveaway

*The above giveaway rules were borrowed and modified from Jessica @ Just a Book Lover.

With that being said, I wish you luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!

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