That Time I Fell in Love with an Indie Bookstore

In the past, I have only stepped into a a few independent bookstores. The biggest being the Northshire Bookstore in Vermont. Other than that, I usually just go to used bookstores when I’m not hitting up Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or the Strand.

Until now.

I have now discovered an amazing independent bookstore, and I’ve fallen in love.

Voracious Reader

The Voracious Reader is located in Larchmont, NY near New Rochelle. Its focus is on children’s and Young Adult books. And it’s amazing. From there website:

The Voracious Reader began, in part, for want of more bookshelves and always, always, more books. Perhaps, just as wonderful as an overabundance of books, was the thought of scores of eager young readers with whom they might be shared.

We had the very good fortune of opening our doors to just such voracious readers in the spring of 2007. In they flocked with their delighted parents, beloved aunts and uncles, doting grandparents, attentive nannies … and best of all, their insatiable appetites for wonderful books of all sorts.

From babies’ first board books to the latest novels for teens, our shelves are brimming with splendid offerings. Our cheerful and knowledgeable staff is pleased to help with your selections.

More than a bookstore, The Voracious Reader hopes to serve as a community hub for young readers and their families and helpers, offering reading clubs, workshops, story times, book-themed birthday parties, author signings, events and more.

We are family friendly with a deep caring and respect for young people of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to do our part in nurturing the next generation of book lovers. We do not subscribe to the pedagogical view of “making learning fun.” We believe learning IS fun, and challenging, and joyful and very individual and something humans innately desire.

The selection was amazing. I found two books I have never seen anywhere else, one I was looking for and one the proprietress, Francine, suggested.

Level 2 Bloodspell

I had heard about Level 2 (written by Lenore Applhans) from Christina at Ensconced in YA via some signed swag she sent me. When I spotted the book, I flipped out, because I and never seen it at Barnes & Noble. The Voracious Reader had one copy, so I grabbed it.

And Francine (the proprietress) recommended Bloodspell by Amalie Howard based on what I liked to read. She also gave me a bookmark for Amalie’s new book Waterfell, book one of The Aquarathi series, which also looks amazing.

I also found a signed copy of Shadowlands by Kate Brian. I already own this book, but I love Kate Brian and I don’t have anything signed by her, so when I saw this, I flipped out and bought it!

Shadowlands Picture 1

And, to make my visit even better? Francine and I started talking about blogging, BEA and ALA. I expressed my regret at having not gotten to go to either, and she asked me which ARCs I had hoped to get while there. And then she surprised me.. And she went in the back and she came out with two ARCs. Two ARCs that she was willing to part with. And then I got to go in the back and see what else she had, and I snagged a third ARC. I was shocked, humbled, grateful… It made my day. I don’t think I was able to truly express to her how much it made my day! Her kindness nearly brought me to happy tears. So in addition to the books I brought home with me, I also came home with these ARCs:

Picture 2 Picture 3

If my insane gushing and millions of pictures didn’t get my point across, let me simply state it: If you live within 10, 15, 25, even 50 miles of The Voracious Reader, you MUST go there. It will be worth the trip, trust me! It was an incredible visit, and I’m completely in love with this Independent bookstore.

I do ask you, kindly, not to go there just to ask for ARCs. This would be rude. I didn’t ask for the ARCs I was given; they were gifted to me, and it would be unfair to go simply for a chance to get your hands on them. They didn’t have many they could part with, and to expect them to just hand them over would be – again – rude.

BUT, if you’re looking for a cool Indie bookstore, then head on over ASAP!

One last thing before I go: If you live nearby and are a Veronica Roth fan, The Veracious Reader will be doing an Allegiant Midnight Release party on October 21st, 2013. And if you Pre-order Allegiant, you will be entered into a raffle to win this awesome poster:

Allegiant Pre-Order

So go forth and pre-order! Their contact information can be found here.

12 thoughts on “That Time I Fell in Love with an Indie Bookstore

    • It was so amazing!

      Woohoo! Isn’t Northshire amazing? Especially after they expanded! I don’t know when you first got to go and were last there, but they used to be one tiny, semi-cramped floor and then back in 2004..? Maybe? They expanded and opened a second floor. Amazing! I haven’t been there now since 2007 and I miss going there :\

      • They must have just finished the expansion when I started going as I can only recall it as having two floors. I haven’t been since 2006 when I transferred out of the nearby college. I miss going there too.

        • I’ve been going to Vermont my whole life. I was 18 last time I went. So I remember being 10 and it just having one small, cramped floor. But it was still wonderful with amazing, unique finds. miss it so much!

  1. I really wish we had cooler bookstores here in the Philippines. :( The Voracious Reader sounds really great! I mean the name of the store itself is totally cool! And that was really nice of the proprietress to give you those ARCs. What a lovely woman. :)

    • I hope a cooler bookstore opens up for you soon! *crosses fingers!!*

      The Voracious Reader was amazing!! Isn’t it an awesome name?? It calls to my soul! Lol :) The proprietress was amazing and so sweet. I will DEFINITELY continue doing business there. Just so awesome!

  2. That is so awesome that you got to go to such a great book store, with a fantastic lady on top of that! You don’t find those gems that often. Lucky you hehe.

  3. Oh, sounds like a fantastic bookstore! I love small business independent bookstores. You can totally tell from your post & the way you interacted with the people there that they really LOVE books. I love when that happens! Don’t get me wrong, I DO like my chain bookstores too(I’ll admit), BUT there’s something awesome about independent bookstores. There’s a bookstore I pass sometimes on the way to my parent’s house I like to stop in that’s much like that. It’s too far(about an hour and half) to make the trip JUST for the store, but you bet I stop in every time I have a reason to be in the area.

    • It was sooo fantastic! And I can definitely tell they honestly love books. She knew exactly what to recommend based on what I liked, and we had a pretty long chat about books in general. She was just amazing. Agreed – I still like the convenience of Barnes & Noble, but the EXPERIENCE was what made it worth while with the Indie. Just so amazing!

  4. I’m so glad you found your indie go-to! I love indie bookstores, although I’m a little biased because I work for one. But, though not all prices can beat Amazon and B&N, an indie bookstore always has a unique selection, a different vibe and employees who genuinely love and read as many of the books in their store as possible. It’s a great job, especially being a teenager – I wouldn’t trade it for anything! I hope to visit The Voracious Reader the next time I’m in NY…and if you ever come to MN, I hope you get a chance to stop by The Bookcase! <3

    • I’m so glad I found it, too! It’s so nice to know I have an indie I can escape to when I want to get more out of my shopping experience! You’re very lucky to have a job like that! It must me so amazing and fun! Definitely let me know if you end up in NY! I’ll meet up with you there :) And if I ever get to MN, I’ll absolutely be sure to stop by! <33

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