Stacking the Shelves #3: In Which I’m Sleep Deprived

Stacking the Shelves

Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga’s Reviews

Books I Mentioned:
The Sassy Belles by Beth Albright
Frozen by Melissa de la Cruz
Winds of Salem by Melissa de la Cruz
Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard
A Darkness Strange and Lovely by Susan Dennard
A Wounded Name by Dot Hutchison
Scorched by Mari Mancusi
The Arrivals by Melissa Marr
Cinder by Marissa Meyer
Earthbound by Aprilynne Pike
Die for Me by Amy Plum
Starters by Lissa Price
Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes
Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi
The Liberator by Victoria Scott
Rush by Eve Silver
Pivot Point by Kasie West
The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White

Bloggers I Mentioned:
Ashleigh @ Birth of a New Witch
Jessica @ Step Into Fiction
Stacie @ Fairy Book Mommies

Authors I Mentioned:
Beth Albright
Kat Richardson
Victoria Scott

Publishers I Mentioned:
Penguin Teen

12 thoughts on “Stacking the Shelves #3: In Which I’m Sleep Deprived

  1. You don’t like sleep deprived at all! So many good books! Falling Kingdoms, Cinder, Starters and Through the Ever Night are amazing.

    Yay for new books!

    • Thanks! I felt like a zombie, so that’s much appreciated! Oohhh, I’m so excited for pretty much every single one you mentioned! I can’t wait to read them! :)

  2. You sounded fine. Definitely not like you had been up since
    2am. I told you already that Pivot Point is amazing and that you will love it. I really want to read Earthbound so I hope you like it. I need to get my hands on the Susan Dennard books like yesterday.

    Happy reading!

    • Haha, thank you! I felt so zombie-like!! I can’t wait to read Pivot Point! As soon as I finish my review books, I’m reading it!! Earthbound looks amazing and I’ve heard a lot of awesome things about it! Agreed! And I need to actually READ Susan Dennard’s books!!

      Thanks :)

  3. Ahhhh, my boy Dante! I love Die For Me by Amy Plum, too. A Wounded Name looks super cool. From what I hear, it’s a retelling of Hamlet from Ophelia’s POV. I haven’t read it yet, but that’s what I think it is, which sounds awesome! Fun fact: Pivot Point came out on my birthday this year. BOOM. And…Through the Ever Night. Goodness, I want to get that one so bad because Under the Never Sky? Is SO. AMAZING. I love it so much.

    Great haul this week, girl! Let me know when you read Dante and I hope you enjoy him! (But not too much, because you know he’s mine. Hehe) ;)


    • Of course! <333 And I should be getting The Collector this week!!! A Wounded Name sounds SO cool! Ooooh, that IS cool! I love when books comes out on my birthday! :)

      Hopefully I’ll read them soon! But my TBR is…. *Stares at it and cries*

  4. I love under the never sky and I can’t wait for into the still blue. I also love Kassie West andSusan Dennard their work

    Happy reading

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