Review: 45 Pounds (More or Less) by K.A. Barson

Review: 45 Pounds (More or Less) by K.A. Barson45 Pounds (More or Less) by K.A. Barson
Published by Viking Juvenile on July 11, 2013
Pages: 256
Format: eBook
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Here are the numbers of Ann Galardi's life:

She is 16.
And a size 17.
Her perfect mother is a size 6.
Her Aunt Jackie is getting married in 2 months, and wants Ann to be a bridesmaid.
So Ann makes up her mind: Time to lose 45 pounds (more or less).

Welcome to the world of informercial diet plans, wedding dance lessons, endless run-ins with the cutest guy Ann's ever seen—and some surprises about her not-so-perfect mother.

And there's one more thing—it's all about feeling comfortable in your own skin—no matter how you add it up!

I was only on page two when I decided I liked Ann. Right off the bat, she was realistic and relatable. Pretty much the entire time I was reading, I was going “Yup!” “Yes!!” “Mmhmm!” “Been there, thought that.” I mean, I could go on and on. I literally took eight pages of notes, and over half of them are just me agreeing with things Ann thinks, says and does.

Buying incentive clothing. Finding something cute in your size, but walking away because you’re ashamed to try it on. Wanting to try on an item of clothing, despite knowing it won’t fit. Wondering, just for a second, if that infomercial is for real. Knowing you’re fat, hating it, but wanting to eat when stressed. Again, I could go on and on.

I absolutely hated Regina and Courtney, more so since there are really people in this world who act like them and think like them. This includes the guy in the pretzel line. And I instantly loved Aunt Jackie, Chris, Jon and Raynee. People like them make people like Regina and Courtney easier to tune out.

Throughout most of the story, I hated Ann’s mom. It was impossible not to. Her double standards were frustrating beyond words. She was like one big contradiction. Of course, we eventually get her side of the story, and the insight makes you reconsider everything you know about her and everything you thought about her.

The most heartbreaking part of 45 Pounds (More or Less) was the storyline involving Libby. I can’t say too much without going into spoiler territory, but it really makes you stop and consider the consequences of your actions in regards to the people around you.

The end was amazing and incredible. Overall, 45 Pounds (More or Less) is the kind of book I would recommend to anyone and everyone. It’s one giant life lesson, without being in your face. It’s not preachy or judgmental – It’s life, plain and simple. Ann was realistic and likable, from every single thought that goes through her head, to every triumph and stumble she experiences along the way.


4 thoughts on “Review: 45 Pounds (More or Less) by K.A. Barson

  1. Ooh, nice to see such a positive review for this one! The summary of this book has been calling out to me for awhile, but I’ve been hesitant. Most of the reviews I’ve read have been positive, BUT I was worried about it sounding preachy. I’ll have to give this one a try!

    • I highly, highly recommend it. It was such an amazing read, and I don’t think it was preachy at all. It has it’s moments, but it’s definitely not in your face about it. Highly recommend it!

  2. Haha, I hate that one of the hate-able characters is named after me…Not sure if I can read it now, lol. The book sounds interesting, though.

    • Hah! I totally get that – Whenever there’s a character named Meredith, she’s always the mean girl! But the book was amazing and I highly recommend it!

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