Television Tuesday: The Parallels of Emily Gilmore and Catherine de Medici

Television Tuesday

Television Tuesday is a new feature in which I chat with you about all things television!


This is a post I’ve been dying to write for some time, going back to when the Gilmore Girls revival was first announced. Now that the revival has come and gone, and Reign has come to an end (the final episode aired Friday, June 16, 2017), I thought it was finally time.

Reign and Gilmore Girls are VERY different shows: Reign is a historical drama based on the life and reign of a young Mary Queen of Scots, while Gilmore Girls is a modern-day dramedy about a mother/daughter duo obsessed with coffee and pop culture references.

One thing these epic shows have in common? They both feature a fierce matriarch.

Emily Gilmore and Catherine de Medici might have been born centuries apart, but they have much in common:

They both command the room. When Catherine de Medici speaks, you listen. Unless you want to lose your head. Meanwhile, Emily will stare you down until you shut up and listen – and listen you will.

Catherine has her Flying Squad, Emily has the DAR. Catherine’s Flying Squad does her dirty work for her. They seduce powerful men and gather intel/gossip/vital information that Catherine can then use to blackmail others. Though the DAR members don’t seduce powerful men, they’re all MARRIED to powerful men and love a good gossip session during afternoon tea.

They both run their households with an iron fist. On the one hand, you have Emily, who wants things done precisely her way. If a maid puts one toe out of line, it’s grounds for termination. Catherine, on the other hand, uses her power as Queen/Queen Mother to ensure her servants are loyal to her and ONLY her. You don’t double-cross Catherine de Medici and get away with it. With their help, Catherine ensures that she’s ALWAYS the first to know EVERYTHING happening in her domain.

They love their children fiercely, but don’t always know how to show it. Neither woman is great at showing her soft side – emotional displays of affection? Super rare! This means they often come off as being cold-hearted and uncaring, yet both women are incredibly maternal and protective of their brood.

On a similar note: meddling is their specialty. Catherine broke Mary and Francis up for fear a prophecy threatening her son would come true, while Emily broke Luke and Lorelei up because she felt her daughter could do better. Again, both women meant well – they just handled their respective situations a bit… rashly.

On a lighter note, they both dress impeccably. They’re always poised and put together – heck, Catherine even dressed in her finest for her own execution!



At the end of the day, Catherine’s castle may overshadow Emily’s mansion, but they both rule with an iron fist, determination and – when necessary – manipulation. And for that, we love to hate them and hate to love them!


So, what are your thoughts? Do you watch one or both show(s)? If so, do you agree with the above parallels, or have parallels of your own to add? Tell me in the comments! (And, for the record, if you HAVE watched and enjoyed one of these shows, I highly recommend the other! Again, while they’re very different shows, they do have some parallels and they’re both EPIC – amazing plots/stories, amazing characters, etc).



**Special thanks to my good friend, KM Robinson, for helping with the pictures included in this post! Check out her website, follow her on social media and buy her books!**

Television Tuesday: Why Reign’s cancellation has devastated me

Television Tuesday

Television Tuesday is a new feature in which I chat with you about all things television!


It was recently announced that season four of Reign would be its last. You can read about it via Variety and Deadline Hollywood.

Anyone who has followed me on here and on social media knows how obsessed I am with Reign. It’s an amazing, amazing show with an incredibly talented cast. Adelaide Kane SLAYS as Mary Queen of Scots

And Megan Follows is brilliant, though a bit scary, as Catherine de Medici

This show brought us Frary

And Matherine

It has given us ALL THE FEELS and gutted us time and time again – usually all in the same episode!

The cancellation announcement has truly gutted me, though. The loss of this show – of these characters – is nothing short of heartbreaking. I don’t say this to be a drama queen. I am honestly, truly devastated.

I started watching Reign during the second season, which aired from October 2014 to May 2015. It was on its mid-winter break and I wanted to binge it before it returned in January. I bought season one on DVD and used a combination of the CW website, iTunes and YouTube to watch the first half of season two. I fell in love right from the first episode, with my deep fangirl devotion hitting an all-time high during season two.

But it wasn’t until later on in 2015 when this show really began to mean the world to me. My family went through a really rough (understatement) period from October 2015-April 2016. And during that time, this show was my solace. My sanctuary. My escape from reality. I fell into this show to avoid thinking of all the loss and heartache occurring in my life. I watched and rewatched the show. I bought the books and DVDs. I even bought books outside of the Reign-verse, both fictional and non-fictional. This was my collection 39 weeks ago, as posted on Instagram (and it’s only grown since then):

I threw myself into the story of Mary Queen of Scots, in any and every way I could. I cheered when the characters triumphed, and cried when horrible things befell them – including death. The deaths of several characters, especially, devastated me beyond words. I felt as though I had lost loved ones – as I was losing loved ones in real life. When I rewatched the show, I cried again at all the same parts (and then some), even though I knew what was coming this time. I felt raw and broken after each death (one in particular), but I knew the show had to go on.

When Mary left French Court to return to Scotland, I felt conflicted. I mourned the loss of her life there and feared for her life in Scotland. But she had grown so much and had become such a strong, confident queen. I was eager to see what would come next – and still am, though that eagerness is tinged with the sadness of knowing the show is ending.

Reign has been suffering from poor ratings for awhile now. I was so relieved when it was renewed for season three, and then for season four. I knew the odds of a fifth season were slim to none, especially when the CW announced that season four would be a mid-winter show. But I still prayed for the best. And then the cancellation was announced. I still don’t think I’ve 100% accepted that this is truly happening – that this great show is coming to an end. It’s been my escape for so long now, I can’t imagine my life without it.

But the producers have promised fans an ending befitting a queen. They knew the end was near and began plotting how to best wrap things up. According to the Variety article:

“The fourth season is currently still in production, so the team behind “Reign” will be able to work on a series finale, knowing that it will be the final episode, giving fans a real conclusion to the story of Mary Queen of Scots. Insiders say that conversations about the show’s possible ending have been ongoing with producers, so the decision to make this season the last were not totally unexpected.”

I’m a little bit wary of what this will mean, though, as anyone who knows history knows that Mary Queen of Scots did NOT have a happy ending IRL. And photos circulating around Instagram are suggesting the show will mirror real life. I know it would be historically accurate but… I just really hope it doesn’t happen. This strong, fierce Queen does not deserve that kind of ending.

But since the show IS ending and there’s nothing that can be done about it (fans have been begging Netflix to pick the show up, but if the show ends in a historically accurate way, there won’t be any show left TO pick-up), all I can do is enjoy the time we have left and remind myself that I have the DVDs and can watch and re-watch to my hearts content. I have the based-on-the-show books and my Mary Queen of Scots book collection. And I have this fandom. Because this fandom is amazing. And I hope it lives on for a long time to come, despite the show ending. Because for as long as I have repeats and this fandom, this show will forever Reign over my heart (see what I did there??).

I want to thank the cast and crew for giving us four amazing seasons of this show. For bringing Mary Queen of Scots into our hearts. For giving us Frary and Matherine. For giving ME a show that allowed me to shut out reality and to push forward, day after day. You’ll likely never see this post, but you have done so much for me and I’m so, so grateful for it. I’ll miss you guys and I’ll miss this show. You’ll be gone, but never forgotten.


So, are you a fan of Reign? Will you miss it? Do you have any fond memories of the show? Share in the comments!

Blog Tour: The Many Ships of Reign (Giveaway)

Reign Blog Tour Banner 
Hey everyone! Today, I’m BEYOND EXCITED to share with you my post for the Reign Blog Tour! That’s right – Reign as in the television show! For those of you who follow me on Twitter, you know I’m OBSESSED with this show. Like, I cried happy tears when it was renewed for season three and I’m PRAYING it gets renewed for season four. I live tweet almost every episode. I randomly re-watch favorite episodes on Netflix and via my DVDs. I also tend to cast the Reign characters as characters in the books I’m reading – frequently.

So it comes as no surprise that, when I received the blog tour sign-ups for this tour, I POUNCED. Like, I told Queen Hannah (the blog tour host) that I’d be forever grateful and call her Queen Hannah forever and I think I even promised to be her loyal subject, but I’m not positive. I also may have said something about “heads will roll and I will sob” if I didn’t get on the tour, hehe.

ANYWAY. Long intro is long! My point is, I’m obsessed with this show and SO EXCITED to be on this tour! For my tour stop, I’m going to be discussing the MANY ships of Reign. First, here’s some info about the books based on the show:

RTP An original novel based on the hit television series, Reign.

Since Mary, Queen of Scotland was a child, the English have wanted her country and her crown. She is sent to France to wed its next king–to save herself and her people. It’s a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspire…forces of darkness, forces of the heart. Mary’s rule, and her life, has never been safe.

Find out what happens to Mary, Francis, Bash, and the rest of the French court after the season one finale.

Long may she reign.

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | iBooks

RH France is aflame with rumors of witchcraft and treachery. Who will be burn for their transgressions? Find out in this haunting original novel based on the hit CW television show, Reign.

Something sinister has been sweeping the villages surrounding the French court. Rumors of Satan’s horsemen traveling the countryside and claiming the souls of villagers have sent the people reeling into a religious frenzy and soon fear and suspicion lead them to accuse a young girl of witchcraft. After the prisoner is brought to the palace for questioning, Mary, Greer, Kenna, and Lola work to prove her innocence. But there are others who will stop at nothing to see the girl and her secrets silenced forever…

Goodreads | Amazon | B&N | iBooks


FAIR WARNING: THIS POST CONTAINS SPOILERS! Because, unfortunately, it’s hard to discuss ships without spoilers. Even just shipping a couple can be a spoiler if you didn’t know they were a couple or if you didn’t know Person X had broken up with Person Y and you find out because Person X is with someone new. So yeah, SPOILERS AHEAD! Read at your own risk!

As I mentioned above, today I’m going to be chatting with you about the Many Ships of Reign! This show, guys. Omg, this show! I have SO MANY ships in this show! Most of them are of the romantic variety but one is more a Friend-SHIP and one is of a more devious nature. But I can promise you, this show is full of ships and feels and sinking ships and heartache and heartbreak and joy and DID I MENTION FEELS?!?!? I’ve narrowed it down to my Top Five Favorite Ships, going from #5 down to #1, with #1 being my ultimate OTP of the show. So, here we go!!!


Reign Ship #5: Catherine and Narcisse

Catherine and Narcisse bed 
Okay, okay! Before you boo and scream and hiss, let me explain! I can’t stand Narcisse as of late. His treatment of Mary and Catherine, his manipulation of Charles and Lola – I’m not a fan. HOWEVER. Catherine and Narcisse together? They’re both manipulative, conniving and devious and together, they’re Wickedly Delicious. Plus, they shared some pretty hilarious moments together! Can we please talk about Catherine’s bold… Er.. Hand slip? *Cackles*


Reign Ship #4: Kenna and Bash

Kenna Bash kiss GIF 
I’m 98% positive that Kenna and Bash were doomed from the beginning. That didn’t stop me from shipping them, though! First of all, I adore Bash! Like, HE’S SO YUMMY! And I actually did ship him and Mary VERY BRIEFLY in season one. He’s just epic and adorable and awesome! And at the time they’re ship began, Kenna was my favorite of Mary’s ladies. Her plot was the most intriguing, at least. I just thought they were adorable together and they were both so stubborn and perfect! I’m sad they didn’t work out, but I kind of didn’t expect them to. So it didn’t hurt TOO much when this ship sank.


Reign Ship #3: Greer and Leith / Claude and Leith

Greer and Leith swoon

Claude Leith head kiss GIF 
Okay, I’m cheating here. Because I’m still holding out hope for Greer & Leith – I mean, has everyone forgotten Nostradamus’s prediction?!?!?!

“You’ll fall in love with a man with a white mark on his face” – Nostradamus to Greer, referring to Leith. Season one, episode 3

Like, I’m still holding out hope for that! I know it was said in season one, but Nostradamus’s prediction regarding Mary and Francis also didn’t happen until season three, so, you know.. There’s still hope!

Greer and Leith Kiss 
However, the last few episodes of season three were giving me major Claude and Leith feels! It feels like a betrayal to my original ship and I seriously couldn’t stand Claude and Leith together in the beginning. But yeah, they’re growing on me and I actually find them pretty adorable now!

Claude Leith Dancing 
Plus, honestly, I think Greer and Leith might be past the point of no return and they make pretty good friends now. So.. Sigh. Despite coming to terms with it, this ship sinking still hurt a bit.


Reign Ship #2: Mary and Catherine (Matherine)

Mary Catherine Steps 
Anyone who watches the show can guess why Matherine is my number two favorite ship. It’s not a romantic ship, but Mary and Catherine – when they’re working together and not at odds – are epic! For most of seasons one and two, they were fighting each other, thanks to that vision Nostradamus had. But they still had some amazing moments together, especially when Catherine’s maternal instinct kicked in and she tried to protect or comfort Mary. Especially after that one excruciating episode in season two…

Trigger Warning (Rape) for the video below. But this powerful moment defined Matherine and I feel it relevant to this post

*Shudders* Guys, that scene… That scene gives me chills and makes me cry every time I see it. But again, it’s a very defining moment for Mary and Catherine and it shows Catherine’s maternal instinct, that she cares for Mary and her country. More importantly, it shows Mary’s strength and resilience, her determination to not be a victim, but a Queen.

Mary Catherine Smirk 
Matherine will never stop being one of my favorite duos on television. When they work together, they’re amazing. They’re powerful. They’re bold and brilliant. They’re fierce.


Reign Ship #1: Mary and Francis (Frary)

Mary Francis Throne 
Did anyone really doubt this would be my number one ship? My OTP in the Reignverse? If you did, you don’t know me at all! My heart hurts just talking about Frary because, if you watch the show, you know this ship has sunk so hard and so permanently… But I SWEAR I’LL GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP! And, to be honest, I already have.

Mary Francis Coronation no words 
I know there are many people who despised Francis, especially in season two. I did, too. But in season one and season three? This power couple was EPIC. I adored the genuine love between them. They started out at odds in season one and then grew closer, becoming closer still in season two until Francis’ poor decisions led to Mary’s rape. I loved the way the writers handled this, taking Mary’s recovery slowly, having her pull away from Francis until she felt healed. And I loved their reconciliation in season three, especially.

But, sadly, this ship sank harder than the Titanic and in a VERY permanent, tear-inducing, heart-breaking way. But Frary will always live on in my heart. Long May They Reign!

Mary Francis Wedding 

Mary Francis Starry Eyed Gif


Reign Ship Bonus Round: Mary, Queen of Scots

Mary Fire Fierce 
Mary, Queen of Scots is fierce and fabulous. If you look up “Fierce” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of Mary. She makes this show what it is. She has so many incredible moments in her story, things she needs to do, sacrifices she needs to make. Being a Queen isn’t always about what you want, but what’s best for your country. Mary definitely struggled and suffered, but she also thrived.

I’m very sad to see that she’ll be leaving French Court to return to Scotland (when season three returns) because MATHERINE! SOBS!! But I also can’t wait to see her thrive in her own kingdom.

Mary Fierce GIF


So! Those are my Reign Ships! What do you think? Do you agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts with me in the comments! But keep it friendly, guys! I know Ship Feels can run deep, but let’s be kind and respect everyone’s ships!


And now for the giveaway! 1 Grand Prize Winner will receive both books in the REIGN series and a set of Season 1 DVDs!!! And 2 Winners will receive both REIGN books. To enter, fill out the Rafflecopter below!

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