Spotlight Post: Fawned by Winter Pior

Hey everyone! Fawned by Winter Pior (October 20, 2020) comes out NEXT TUESDAY!! And the cover was JUST revealed! Check it – and the synopsis – out below:

If Fifty Shades of Grey and Dear Evan Hansen got together to watch Bambi, you would have Fawned – an “enDEERing” erotic romance about two lonely college students experimenting with petplay for the first time

Barnaby Hirsch isn’t one to put himself out there – he’s shy and, admittedly, awkward – but desperate times call for desperate measures. When he signs up for a dating app, the last person he expects to match with is the campus’ gay playboy, Gil Connolly.

It should have been a one-night stand, but it’s one night Barnaby can’t forget. It’s the closest he’s ever felt to someone, the closest he’s ever felt to belonging.

Gil wants someone to belong to him. He has a collar, and he wants someone to wear it.

Barnaby has a deer onesie, and he’s starting to think, maybe, the two might look good together.

You can check Fawned out on Goodreads, and you can purchase it from both Amazon and B&N on Tuesday, October 20, 2020!

Another REALLY great fact about this book? When you purchase Barnaby’s Blend Tea from Adagio Teas, 5% of the sale will benefit The Trevor Project!

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