On Meredith’s Mind #6: An Interview With… Myself O.o

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Hey everyone! It has been a LONG time since I last did a discussion post – Like, two years!!! And this isn’t even really a discusion post.. Just a fun thing I stumbled upon while cleaning out some old blog things. It’s an old interview I started (from March 2016) and never finished – mostly because I felt like my answers were stupid and like I’d embarrass myself with it. But I’m at a point where.. I don’t care? It’s a fun, goofy interview and I really want to share it with you guys!

This interview is based off a blogger challenge that Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf created.

So yeah… Be prepared to be hit with hysterical laughter, because this is super cheesy and silly but it was also super fun and I hope you love it!


What’s your name?
Princess Meredith, Future Queen of Wonderland, set to rule alongside Morpheus. Or maybe The White King, Jace… I’m not sure.. I’m conflicted… I CAN’T CHOOSE! *PANICS!!!!*

Okay, okay! Calm down, it’s fine.. You don’t have to pick!

Anyway… What’s your real name?
What… You don’t believe me? Where’s the trust, guys?!?! … Okay, fine. It’s just Meredith… Happy? *Glares*

Do you have an evil twin?
Nope! If I did, she’d be Princess Meredith, future queen of Ravka, ruling alongside the Darkling

Where in the world is your evil twin right now?
In Ravka, duh.

Ah, that’s not good.
I know, right?!? I should be there, ruling alongside Nikolai! *Pauses* No offense, Morph and Jace!

Right… Anyway, back to you. How old are you?
Umm.. I’m Twenty…*Incoherent muffling*

Well, then..
What?!? You got somethin’ to say?!?

Good. Can we move on?

Um. Sure.. So, where do you hail from?
Somewhere outside of NYC.

Can’t you be more specific?

Why not..?

Okay then… Moving on. Do you have any pets?
A crazy-butt Havanese puppy!

Are you a vampire?
I’d tell you, but then I’d have to bite you… I mean… Wait, what…?

OMG, come on! Answer the questions!
Nope. I don’t wanna! *Stomps foot*

I’m starting to think your answer for your age should have been two, not twenty-something!
Hey! Watch it!


I’m sorry, but…
I gave up on The 100 after… 4 episodes? In my defense, during season one, the CW was playing it two different nights and I kept forgetting which was the NEW episode night and I fell like 4 episodes behind and then I just threw my hands up and said “Forget it!” I know a lot of people LOVE it, so.. Maybe I’ll give it a second chance one day.. Maybe.

A pet peeve I complain about a lot…
Umm… I HATE a wet counter. Like in the kitchen and bathroom, after someone washes dishes or their hands? Yeah, I HATE when the counter is wet. Because if you accidentally lean into it or rest your hands on it, you get soaking wet! Yuck! (I’m weird, okay?)

Grammar/spelling things that bother me…
Oh, don’t even get me started…

Fun fact…
I collect shot glasses, but I basically don’t drink. I just love shot glasses. It’s fun using them as a way to remember places/events I’ve been/attended.

Chocolate or vanilla?
Peanut Butter!

Fine.. Vanilla.

Okay, good!
But I still prefer peanut butter…


Nothing… Moving on… Pop or coffee?
Well, where I’m from, we call it soda…

Just answer the damn question! Why does EVERYTHING have to be difficult with you?!?!
I’m NOT being difficult.. Just stating facts…

Umm… Fine… Soda! Preferably Coke :)

Something weird about me is…
I can curl my tongue, which grosses my parents out, hehehe!

Something I like that other people are grossed out by…
I like to eat a hamburger on a roll with mashed potatoes.

How is that weird…?
Well, I literally put the hamburger on a roll, cut it into bite size pieces, and eat it in one bite with the mashed potatoes. It’s comfort food when I feel blah.

But… A hamburger roll AND mashed potatoes?
I know.. It’s weird.. Apparently, I got the idea from my Uncle? Or so I’m told.

Oh, shut up and move on!

Fine… A book I talk about a lot that probably annoys the crap out of everyone…
The Grisha Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo! Leigh is Queen!

My favorite book is…
…Is this a serious question? How am I supposed to pick ONE?

Okay… Favorite of 2016?
..Seriously??!?!?! Just one?!?!?!?

Yes….? Come on, don’t make this difficult again!
Fine… Favorite book of 2016 (so far) is….
**The Lost Codex by Heather Lyons
**Stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco
**Glitter by Aprilynne Pike
**The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye
**Three Dark Crowns by Kendare Blake

I said ONE

This is awkward.. Please stop. It’s fine.
*Clears throat* Okay! Moving o- OH! Wait, I’m in the middle of A Court of Mist and Fury and I know I’m not done but IT IS EPIC! So I’ll count that, too.

*Face Palm*

Nothing, nothing. Moving on!
*Smiles sweetly*

I would fangirl so hard if I met…
Adelaide Kane. She plays Mary Queen of Scots on the CW show Reign and that’s my absolute newest obsession, so yeah… I’d especially freak out if I met her on the set, in costume/character *Heart-eye emoji*

My favorite show on TV is…
Favorite show that’s CURRENTLY airing?

Duh… I JUST mentioned this in your last question… Reign, my newest obsession!! The Many Ships!! The Frary feels!!!!!!! Swoons sobs swoons sobs!!!!!!

I…. What?
Well, you’d know why if you watched the show!

Okay… Moving on… New TV show discovery?
Didn’t I just answer this TWICE with the above questions? Reign!!!! Frary!!!

Hey, no need to be rude! If you want, you can share your favorite TV shows of all time, too – not just currently airing ones!
Okay… Charmed, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Gilmore Girls, Roswell, Star-Crossed – just to name a few!

A few, huh…?
Yes, want me to keep going?

No, thanks!

Favorite movie?
Scream! I love horror and Scream is my ultimate favorite scary movie!

Is this interview weird?
Very. I don’t usually talk to myself…

Are you sure? You do it so well, it seems like you must have had practice!
Hey now!

Hey now, hey noo-oooowwww…
…This is what dree-aams are made of!

I’ve got somewhere I belooo-oooong
I’ve got somebody to looo-ooove

*Duet* This is what dreeeee-eeeaaams are made of!

That was cool.. but weird.
Yeah, just a little..


So yeah.. Haha! Hope you enjoyed my goofiness! Learn anything intriguing? Like any of the same things as I do? Let me know in the comments! And feel free to get in on the fun and interview yourself! Use my questions or make them your own! Just be sure to link back to this post, as well as to Rachel @ Beauty and the Bookshelf’s blogger challenge that started these shenanigans!

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